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Collaborative Divorce, Mediation and Consultation

In Washington State, there are a number of non-adversarial divorce options available to you.  Which approach you choose depends on your specific situation.

Rachel Felbeck has been practicing family law for 17 years, is the founder of the Collaborative Divorce movement in Washington State, and has been a leader in helping to reduce the cost and complexity of the divorce process.

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Finding Resolution and Controlling Costs

To give you a quick overview of my practice, I focus on family law including divorce, child custody, parenting and support issues.

Every divorce situation is different - but divorce is always a difficult experience on a personal level.  As an attorney, I believe it is my job to help make the process as easy as possible for my clients - and help to structure a process that works well for them, and their particular situation.  

My law practice is focused on four different non-adversarial approaches to the divorce process:  Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, FasTrack Divorce and Legal Coaching.  Although each of these are best suited to different situations, they are all dramatically better than a litigated divorce process - in terms of cost, duration and emotional impact.

Collaborative Divorce

I've been practicing family law for 17 years, initially focusing on divorce litigation.  Having directly witnessed the emotional and financial trauma associated with litigated (traditional) divorces, I developed a strong interest in the collaborative divorce model, which has been implemented in many other states - and I decided to focus my efforts on bringing the collaborative divorce framework to Washington State.  For Washington State residents, collaborative divorce is now a well-established viable alternative to litigated divorces.

As the founder of the Collaborative Divorce movement in Washington State, I have extensive experience working within the Collaborative model - which has proven to be a very effective framework for divorce, in terms of reducing emotional and financial cost - as well as providing long-term satisfaction with the settlement provisions.


I also assist divorcing couples as a mediator.  A mediator can provide a safe, confidential environment and assist the couple in effectively communicating each of their needs and interests, so a solution can be reached that works for both parties.

As a mediator, I do not represent either party.  My role as a mediator is to help a couple identify the issues necessary for resolution in their divorce, facilitate effective dialog, and help the couple move through the divorce process in a timely way.

Most people who use a mediator find it to be a very cost effective process. 

FasTrack Divorce

FasTrack Divorce offers a unique, highly streamlined and cost effective way for couples to complete their divorce.  This process is suitable for couples who are generally in agreement, have non-complex issues, but have a few minor outstanding issues that are in need of resolution.

Legal Coaching

Coaching and Legal Consultation services are often all that is needed.

I am happy to provide advice, paperwork preparation, help in working with the Court system, negotiation, legal research or other services which my clients may need.

Knowledge, Empowerment, Involvement

Together, we will discuss the various options, to determine which approach would be best for you.  My clients are fully involved and informed from the start of the case until the final papers have been entered.

I believe that the practice of law involves a cooperative relationship between the lawyer and the client. I place a very high priority on ensuring that my clients are fully and timely informed of all issues relating to their case. I work hard to be very responsive and available to my clients. 

Finally, I believe that strong and effective representation of my clients includes compassion, understanding and honesty. I involve my clients as much as possible so that each client is fully engaged in every step of the process.

- Rachel Felbeck